Via della Saggina, 98 - 50145 - Florence – Italy
Monday to Sunday - 8:00am / 8:00pm (Italian time – CET)
Ph: +39 055 286 059
Emergency numbers (24/24 - 7/7 - 365):
+39 333 842 4047 OR +39 333 999 5929
Skype: prestigerent / Live chat

Emergency phone numbers:
Since our emergency numbers are working 24/7, please don't call us two weeks prior your tour date just
to ask us about the weather in Italy during your vacation, or how to dress, because due to the different
time zones, it may be 3:00 am in Italy.
We are always very happy to answer your questions, even the "unusual" ones, but if your issue is not urgent,
we think we can do it better by e-mail or phone during our office hours and not during the night.
Time in Italy is: 2:11 pm

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